Why Do You Want to Use a GolfNow Online Code

As most of you golf lovers know by now, this hobby ain`t easy to endure at all, financially speaking. But there`s still hope because now you can use GolfNow online codes. This is one of the newest methods of offering discounts available from GolfNow.

More about GolfNow

GolfNow was launched at the beginning of 2000s and it`s now one of the best companies in its field. It offers one of the best course selection and tee times using very convenient booking strategies. This brand allows golf enthusiasts a lot of methods to remain connected to each and one of their favorite golf courses using the online environment, mobile applications or e-mail.

If you want to get in contact with the customer service of GolfNow, you can use the details below:

GolfNow Office Location: Head Office – Orlando, FL
7580 Golf Channel Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819

Which Are the Best GolfNow Codes Available Now?

There are a lot of different online resources to offer you valid GolfNow online codes, but you need to pick the ones that are the best at that particular moment, and websites that offer such codes aren`t too many online. Some of the most reliable sites are RetailMeNot.com, GolfNowPromoCodesq and Tjoos.com. Now check some of the best codes available right now:

  • Tee Times Up to 80% Off.
  • Deals Caddy Deals – Just load the GolfNow merchant from the DealCaddy; you`ll get deals of up to 50% off.
  • Free Cleveland Golf/Srixon gift cards.
  • MyCoup – 30% off.
  • SbCoup1 – $1.99 off on Taxes & Fees/round booking.
  • Gnow15/Gnow20 – 15%/20% off, but only valid for selected locations. Limit time availability as well.
  • 90% Off Starr Pass – Rattler.

Of course, you can be sure there are lot more than these out there, but you`ll want to stick with the most reliable ones, and those that offer you the most dollar return.

What More Can I Benefit from Using these Codes?

Are still not convinced? Well maybe you should take into consideration some of the advantages that come from using a GolfNow online code.

Quality Services – GolfNow.com is known to offer some of the best possible tee time deals. You are able to use an online code to make your booking 24/7. You can book a tee time by signing up for the brand`s email club (which is free) and get up to 80% in discounts, or you give a phone call at 800 752 9020 seven days per week between 8 AM – 8 PM.

Different Codes for Different Locations – One of the greatest advantages that GolfNow will offer to its customers is the fact that the online codes offered target different locations. So for example f you live in New York you have different locations from which to choose, such as Twin Brook, Hiland Park, Winding Hills or Dutch Hollow.

Free Gifts – You don`t only get discounts when using an online code from GolfNow, you also get free gifts, such as free Android and iPhone applications, free gift cards and free golf rounds.

Still Here?

Are you still here? Because if even now you`re still not convinced, I don`t know what will convince you. Don`t wait too much time because GolfNow hot deals don`t last forever. Head to one of the sites outlined above and get your code to start saving on your golf tee times today.

Etsy Spotlight and Review: Moxie Mandie!

Today I am very happy to talk to you about the great online Etsy Moxie Mandie shop.

Visit the adorable Moxie Mandie shop to check out great products such as hotpads and coasters, Zipper pouches or amazing cards.

Scrappy Quilted Cottage Pillow Cover

Tell me something random about yourself!

I’ve moved 7 times in the last 10 years, and we’re not even in the military!

How long have you been sewing?

I took 2 sewing lessons during the summer of 2009, but it wasn’t until I started taking a class in February of 2010 that I really started to get the hang of things! I’ve been designing things in my head for years, but didn’t have the skill or knowledge to bring those things to fruition. I’m SO glad that things worked out the way they did! Sewing has proven to be incredibly therapeutic for me as well as a wonderful outlet for my creativity.

What gave you the idea to open an Etsy store?

My husband is in school part time right now, but at some point in the the next year, he’ll be quitting his job to finish his degree full time, so I’ll be supporting our family. I guess I was hopeful that an etsy shop could help supplement my income from my full time job.

How did you come up with your shop name Moxie Mandie?

Honestly, I was laying in bed one night, unable to sleep, and all of a sudden, it hit me! I hadn’t taken ANY sewing lessons yet at that point, but knew that eventually I’d open a shop, and I knew that I wanted to name it MoxieMandie. I got out of bed right then & there and created my shop, just so that no one else could take it! If you look at my etsy profile, it says that I opened my shop in July of 2009, but moxiemandie didn’t actually open until October of 2010!

What inspires your creativity for the shop?

I’m a huge anthropologie fan- I love their unique displays and unconventional uses for everyday items. However, I know that many others love anthro, too, so I try not to have tunnel vision and only make products that I think would attract those that shop there. I’m a big fan of design(LOVE the Eameses and Charley Harper), and I really enjoy finding fabrics/textiles that are a little indie and different than so many other etsy/big cartel shops. There’s nothing wrong with the beautiful designer fabrics that are so popular right now, and you’ll find that I use many of them, but I try to pair them with patterns from JoAnn’s, Hancock’s, and especially with fabrics that are thrifted or upcycled to create a one-of-a-kind item. I’m a HUGE fan of unique, one-of-a-kind items!

Not only do you have an ADORABLE shop! {I just bought more from her folks!} You have been blogging for a few years now at Mandie’s Mumblings. What got you started blogging?

I found a friend’s blog a few years ago on myspace(eek!!), and I loved it: A place to collect my thoughts and meet new people with similar interests! What a grand idea! :) I’ve been at it for 3 & a half years, and have met SO many wonderful people who have really enriched my life.

I was first introduced to Moxie Mandie last Novemeber and I have been ordering from her ever since! Mandie sent me an adorable little patterned pouch and it was just so handy and useful! The quality of the pouch is fantastic too! It cushioned fragile things {which I did not exact actually!} and has been used to hold varies small things!

Well I needed more! I had been drooling over her natural linen fabric and found a pretty one with a purple ruffle. BONUS! The inside lining matched the ruffle too! This pouch is a bit bigger and has been perfect to throw in my bag and store my on the good make up, chapstick, hand sanitizer, teething gel and all those little things I have. Plus it’s a perfect size to store some monthly lady products if you know what I’m talking about!

I also have these beautiful Matryoshka Fabric Notecards! I was thrilled to get these. I love that each card is unique and knowing that the person who gets them will have a letter on card that is all there own. I just purchased some more ruffle cards from Moxie Mandie to add to my stash!

Tips to Help When Dealing with Discount Codes from CheaperThanDirt

Being a “military mama & wife” has put me in the situations where I had to be face to face with guns. Either we are talking about the fact that my husband was in military service since all I can remember or that he has a “firearm addiction” and I had no other choice than be in close contact with gun-related products, regardless of the case I had to put up with them no matter what. I thought: “This post would fit nicely into my blog!”

If I remember correctly, my husband had a thing for CheaperThanDirt once. Not anymore because now he`s getting his guns and ammo from other brands, but at one point he was only dealing with CTD. So today I want to talk to you about discount codes released by CheaperThanDirt.

Cheaper Than Dirt Related Info

Until the ending of 2012, CTD was in front of all the other companies when dealing with selling of guns and other related items. I know this because everywhere I looked were magazines and flyers from them all over the house. My husband told me that he stopped using their services because they close suspended in December 2012. I`m not sure about the reasons – something to do about with being overwhelmed with all the sales coming up, but I know for a fact that they are still in the business.

About the CTD Discount Codes

These online codes released by Cheaper Than Dirt are marketing methods that the brand is using the keep the customers interested at all times. Every other week or month, the company is releasing new discount codes on various coupon-related sites where users can go and copy/paste them for later usage. The entire process is quite easy and successfully replaces the old-fashioned coupons.

Some of the most popular resources that you can find online in terms of coupon codes released by CheaperThanDirt are DealScience, PromoCodeLand, CheaperThanDirtPromoCodes and DontPayFull. Check below to use some of the greatest discount code deals available today:

  • Special – Buy One, Get One Free Armorer Course – this deal is available on DealScience;
  • Military Surplus Bargains – 55% Off Retail – this deal is available on Giving Assistant;
  • Rebate $50 Mail-In Rebate 1911 Models – this deal is available on DealScience;
  • $10 Off on Your Total Purcase – this deal is available on DontPayFull;
  • CloseOut Bargains – Up to 80% Off – this deal is available on Giving Assistant;
  • Weatherby PA-08 Threat Response Shotgun for just $295 – this deal is available on DealSience.

Tips to Avoid Fake Codes

As in everything, fraud can be found when it comes to CTD online codes as well. There are a number of details that can guide you into knowing which are the “good” codes and which are not.

  • Always Check for a BarCode – Not many people know this, but a coupon code that doesn`t include a barcode is almost 99% fake. The fact that a barcode is included on the code is part of the marketing strategies of the company. This way CTD knows what codes are being used or where. They also know which products sell better and which don`t. If your code doesn`t include a barcode, it`s best to stay away and keep looking.
  • Expiration Dates Exist for a Reason – As in life, all good things don`t last. You might be happy to find a code without an expiration date thinking you could always use it later again, but no good coupon deal last forever. Check for the date of expiration somewhere below the code and see how much time you have until it will become unavailable.
  • Unreliable Online Resources – Don`t just go and get your code from the first site you see. CheaperThanDirt used to be a very popular brand (not anymore since 2012), so they won`t deal with just any third-party site out there. When you find a website that offers CheaperThanDirt discount codes, don`t be impatient. Stay a while, take a closer look. How many codes it offers? Are the deals any good? Are they unrealistic? All this can be important points to consider whenever dealing with a coupon site.

What Do You Think?

What do you think after reading this article? Are CTD discount codes worth the trouble? My husband used to think so, but now he turned to other companies. He lost confidence in them somehow. But I see many other people are still using CheaperThanDirt when buying guns and military items. So, I don`t know! Maybe they are still worth it after all.

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